- Federation Competitions -


April 2022


Irene Hynes Hand Knitting – A Funky Fashion item

Molly Moore Crochet – A Baby Blanket and Hat

Shiela O’Toole Make and Model A Summer Hat, any medium

Rhoda Byrne Macrame – A Small Bag

Rosaleen O’Regan A Rag Doll Minimum 14” (36 cm) Max 20” (51 cm)


Pat Hurley A Dreamcatcher Any medium

Sadie Ryan A Sculpture Made from Recycled materials

Lilian Dempsey A Pebble Art Picture

Tinahely Show Flower Arranging Flower arrangement in a cup and saucer Annie Holt Public Speaking Recite a Limerick, can be original or published



Nolan Cup A Jam Swiss Roll


 The Irish language has many nouns

which are poetic expressions

Some examples:

Boín Dé – Ladybird (Little Cow of God)

Madra Rua – Fox (Red dog)

Smugairle Róin – Jellyfish (Seal Snot!!!)

Póigíní Gréine – Freckles (Sun kisses)

Gráinneog thrá - Sea Urchin (Beach Hedgehog)

Bealach na bó finne – The milky way (Way of the white cows)

Mac Tíre –Wolf (Son of the land)

Banaltra na cuaiche — Meadow pipit (the cuckoo's nursemaid)

Choose a noun. It may be from the list or another poetic Irish noun of your choice. Illustrate it in any medium, or mixed media (Aon mheán nó meáin mheasctha). For example (mar shampla) painting, sketch, quilt, cross-stitch, embroidery, mosaic, collage, cake icing, sculpture, model etc (agus araile). You may choose the meaning, or the literal meaning, or even both. For example for Bóin Dé (ladybird) you may create a ladybird or God’s Little Cow, or both. The Irish word must be included in the illustration. (Caithfidh an focal a bheith mar chuid den léaráid)