- Diary : Autumn/Winter 2020 -
- September Federation Meeting -
Mon 28th September  at the Woodenbridge Hotel
- November Federation Meeting and Guild of the Year -
Mon 16th November at the Woodenbridge Hotel

Guild of the Year

Theme :  The 1920s

Monday 16th November

Woodenbridge Hotel


Display Table

To be dressed in 1920s style and must include
 A Paper Flower Arrangement (paper flowers were popular in the 1920s)
 and an afternoon tea tiered stand



1920s style Long Sleeved Gloves and Bag to match (any medium)


A 1920s style hairband/headgear (any medium)



An afternoon tea with sandwiches and cakes 1920's style
which will be displayed on a tiers stand on the display table


Make a scrapbook of the 1920s to include photos, images,
news, stories and facts



Entertainment with a 1920s theme approx 5 minutes


Marks out of 100 for each section

Some Spot Prizes for Best Dressed 1920's Style!! (Not part of Guild Competition)

Involve as many people from your guild as possible
and make this a real guild effort.

- Diary : New Year 2021 -

Watch this space!


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